Precise and Elegant, Varmilo Sword 2 All-metal Direct Capacitance V2 Mechanical Keyboard

A skillful craftsman can complete an excellent creation with his seasoned experience and proficient craft. However, breaking away from the shackles of thinking often contradicts experience and proficiency. There are no weaknesses, and it’s a little boring. So let’s have a good time now. It should be interesting and useful This is the Sword 2 series…

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Man in the “Cliff”, Welcome to Mechanical Utopia

A human civilization that has exploded in science and technology, dissatisfied with the low efficiency of old machines, created “Cliff” through civilized cutting-edge processing technology and industrial design. And in the depths of the binary digital ocean, two “collectives” have also had their consciousness awakened at the same time through continuous learning. They have wisdom,…

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