Varmilo Calculator Keyboard Customization and User Guide

Varmilo Calculator Keyboard

Varmilo calculator keyboard with Cherry MX switches(VA104C) was a fan favorite and sold out quickly. A lot of fans keep asking us when it will be restocked. Unfortunately, VA104C has been discontinued. To this end, we launched the EC V2 switch calculator keyboard(MA104C) last month. But Varmilo has not stopped receiving restocking requests for VA104C, including ISO layouts. In order to meet the needs of fans, Varmilo decided to develop and launch the calculator customization function.

100% Premium Customization

ANSI 104keys (VA104C)

ISO 105Keys (VA105C)

What can you customize?

We keep the functions of calculator keyboards. You can customize the outlook and the switches of it.


You can customize your keyboards with our theme keycaps or design a unique one with our custom keycaps.

There are four theme keycaps that are available: Calculator, Loong, Phoenix, and Reborn.

Custom keycaps:


The calculator theme keycaps are available in two languages: American English and Northern Europe/Nordic.

The other three theme keycaps are only available in one language, which is American English.

Custom keycaps have more choices.

Available languages:

American EnglishEuro English
American CangjieFrench
ThaiNorthern Europe/Nordic
American Cangjie & PhoneticsIcelandic
American PhoneticsItalian


Available switches:

Cherry MX BlackCherry MX Silent RedKailh BOX White
Cherry MX Linear GreyCherry MX Silent BlackKailh Speed Pink
Cherry MX RedCherry MX GreenKailh BOX Navy(65g)
Cherry MX BlueCherry MX WhiteKailh BOX Jade(50g)
Cherry MX BrownCherry MX Tactile GreyKingston HyperX Aqua
Cherry MX ClearTTC Speed Silver

Top case and Bottom case

The mold of our VA104C is unique so there is only one top case, which is the original one.

But there are three choices for the bottom case.

Other Parameters:

Mold: V1

USB Cable: Mini USB Cable

Backlit: No LED/Single LED

No matter what outlook and switches you choose, the functions won’t be changed. You can still use it as our VA104C. Following is the user guide for Varmilo calculator keyboards.

User Guide

There are 3 modes of the Varmilo calculator keyboard.

  • Numlock Off

When the ‘NumLk OFF/ON’ key has no lights on, it’s the Numlock Off mode.

The functions in the yellow block are available.

  • Numlock On

When the ‘NumLk OFF/ON’ key has blue lights on, it’s the Numlock On mode.

The functions in the blue block are available. You can input the number into your computer and know your current type speed.

  • Calculator

When the ‘NumLk OFF/ON’ key has red lights on, it’s the calculator mode.

The functions in the red block are available. You can use it as a calculator.

Press ‘Fn+Enter’ will input the result into your computer.