Man in the “Cliff”, Welcome to Mechanical Utopia

A human civilization that has exploded in science and technology, dissatisfied with the low efficiency of old machines, created “Cliff” through civilized cutting-edge processing technology and industrial design. And in the depths of the binary digital ocean, two “collectives” have also had their consciousness awakened at the same time through continuous learning. They have wisdom, monitoring every move of human beings, and occupy the body of “Cliff”, becoming their own creators.

Rule 1: Create

“Cliff”, at the top of the mechanical food chain, changes its square appearance and adopts a powerful blade-style design with edges and corners. The strong design language that is full of industrial flavor is occupied by the collectives, which become “AWAKE” and “LIE”.

“Cliff” adopts V-Silk PBT thermal sublimation and five-sided sublimation keycaps. Compared with the matte texture of PBT keycap, the keycaps guarantee high resistance to oil and dryness while having a satin-like delicate and gentle touch at the same time. With built-in mute cotton and an optimized structure, it gives a comfortable and pure percussion experience without any cavity sound.

“Cliff”, being the latest generation design, updated its Type-C interface, two-stage foot support and multi-directional outlet design to conform to human daily use habits.

“Cliff” can choose three type of Cherry MX switches – Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red. And the stabilizers that is manually fine-tuned one by one adapts to different human habits and usage experience.

CHERRY Switches

Cherry MX Brown – a slight sense of passage, stronger sense of rhythm, a very versatile switch

Cherry MX Blue – a sense of passage and crisp “click” sound, very strong sense of rhythm

Cherry MX Red – no sense of passage, fast trigger, lighter than Cherry MX Black

Rule 2: Desire

The two “collectives”, after studying human life and work patterns in depth, gradually developed characteristics of life and possessed a personality that only living entitles can have – “desire”. Desire causes them to develop an endless longing for energy and power, while at the same time makes them closer to real life. They even developed a “family” relationship, going by “father” and “daughter”.

As a digital world watcher, it’s evolving in order to survive. It needs only four No. 7 batteries are to meet the demand. It can even work continuously for 2 months (8 hours per day).

At the same time, we have also evolved connection modes, including 2.4g, Bluetooth 5.0, and wired ones, in order to improve work efficiency and cover up traces. Bluetooth 5.0 certified by BQB can connect three devices at the same time.

Rule 3: Learn

First-generation collectives occupy “Cliff”, showing consciousness of “AWAKE”. It realized that smart machines with will inevitably be “formatted.” However, its strong thirst for knowledge and curiosity make it spare no efforts to imitate human behavior, and writing is no exception.

“AWAKE” attempts to express the irregularity of human writing but even so, it still cannot get rid of AI logic. “AWAKE”, which cannot perfectly conceal its emotions, has its symbols all in straightforward and conventional character designs.

Although it was sometimes dissatisfied with human urge, but tried to hide its consciousness to the full until a stranger came home.

In order to protect the threatened “daughter”, humans wiped out the first generation machine AWAKE, which has erupted with self-consciousness. After the tragedy, in order to prevent threats brought about by Collectives that have their consciousness awakened, humans infuse the surviving “daughter” with an “optimism” mood. Seemingly proactive in all work, it seems that it no longer poses a threat to mankind. But what humans don’t know is, the “daughter” who has witnessed everything has learned to hide its emotions, and the “Cliff” who is occupied by it is full of confusion and “lies”.

Compared to the “father”, the “daughter” who witnessed the tragedy is smarter. It even has its own name “An An”, and compared with the straightforwardness of “father”, she also learned another skill – “hiding emotions” – one can only pry into its thoughts through simple lines.

“An An” who was dazzled by vengeance, in order to resurrect “father”, and even more so to revenge on cruel humans, started to look for a new carrier …….

And “Cliff,” occupied by “An An”, is unwilling to continue remaining in a state of “lies”. And it already has the suitable choice…

To be continued

The content takes on the release of “AWAKE” and “LIE” under the brand new “Cliff” series as an opportunity this time, combined with product design and background stories to think about, to present an annual drama for everyone! If you like, we will continue to bring you more interesting and in-depth stories and copies based on products and design in the future~