Precise and Elegant, Varmilo Sword 2 All-metal Direct Capacitance V2 Mechanical Keyboard

A skillful craftsman can complete an excellent creation with his seasoned experience and proficient craft. However, breaking away from the shackles of thinking often contradicts experience and proficiency. There are no weaknesses, and it’s a little boring.

So let’s have a good time now.

It should be interesting and useful

This is the Sword 2 series of mechanical keyboards. It breaks your vulgar impression of a mechanical keyboard to make the mechanical keyboard “pure” with precision and elegance.

Breaking the shackles of design

Sword 2 is processed by an all-aluminum alloy high precision CNC machine tool. Each shell is made of a whole piece of aluminum. After dozens of hours of fine cutting and shaping, together with a delicate sandblasting and anodizing process, everything within touch is finely crafted.

Sword 2 is equipped with a standard detachable magnetic upper frame. It can replace different-colored upper frames to match keycaps of different colors—one keyboard, ever-changing.

Extra Color Matching Cover

Different from the squarish appearance style of the previous generation, Sword 2 has a wrapped corner curved surface – fewer edges and corners, a little more elegance. Temperament-wise, it has mastered it accurately.

The keyboard adopts a fractional color contrast design. Midnight green, deep sea blue and night colors are available. Interpreting classic metal with modern design language, the elegance of Sword 2 never goes out of style.

Sword 2 has a very delicate and complex shell structure. More than 30 shell assembly parts (108 keys) are assembled manually and the keys are finely adjusted one by one. A good keyboard should be like this.

Delicate and complex structural design

The Sword 2 adopts a sandwich structure design, and the upper and lower covers are firmly fixed with a strong magnet. It will greatly reduce the flutter when pressing thanks to the characteristics of the magnet.

With built-in mute cotton in the keyboard, the rebounding sound and key cavity sound are effectively optimized giving a cleaner and purer key sound.

All Sword 2 series are equipped with static capacitance axis V2 as standard, optional linear axis Daisy Yellow V2, Cherry Blossom V2, Rose Red V2, paragraph axis Grass Green V2. Both delicate and silky as well as a crisp and refreshing feel, it gives an excellent experience no matter which kind of shaft.

All Sword 2 series are equipped with five-sided sublimation and dye sublimation V-Silk keycap. Compared with ordinary keycaps, the touch is delicate and resistant to oil – this damned sense of luxury, makes it people hard to stop.

Four layouts are available for Sword 2, including 68, 87, 108 and 16 key layouts. Innovative 16key Numpad is both a tool and a toy.


Deep blue

Midnight green

Night color

Type-C interface

Metal foot support

Sale information

As our flagship mechanical keyboard, Sword 2 is composed of more than 30 parts (108 keys). The price is higher than that of a conventional mass production keyboard because of all metal materials and top technology. The number of Sword 2 series keyboards is relatively small due to the great difficulty of processing.