Experience Fast Typing With Varmilo Sakura Mechanical Keyboard

Are you struggling to find the best mechanical keyboard for fast typing to save time and increase productivity? If yes, then relax because we are here with a solution to your problem. Varmilo Sakura Mechanical Keyboard has all the features that traditional keyboard lacks.

We acknowledge that slow typing with a traditional keyboard is annoying because it takes a lot of time. Due to slow typing, your productivity decreases, and you can’t deliver the best performance during studying and working. Don’t worry! We are here with a fast typing Varmilo Sakura Mechanical Keyboard to solve your problems.

Varmilo Sakura Keyboard

Why Is Varmilo Mechanical Keyboard Best For You?

Varmilo Mechanical Keyboards have switches that work on slider and spring mechanisms. The switches are present under each key for delivering profound feedback. They increase the typing speed by tactile behaviour and allow the user to work smartly and save time. Mechanical keyboards are similar to the typewriters that differ based on the switch used in them.

Traditional keyboards have rubber domes under the keys that fail to give solid and fast feedback. When you type on a traditional keyboard, the rubber dome under keys faces squeezing. The resistance you feel in typing is actually due to the rubber dome expanding to push the key up again. However, switches in mechanical keyboards decrease the resistance and increase fast feedback.

Varmilo Mechanical Keyboards have Cherry MX switches of three types:

1.Tactile Cherry MX brown

2.Clicky MX Blue

3.Linear MX Red

If you want to select a keyboard for fast typing, then Blue Clicky Cherry MX switches mechanical keyboard is best for you. It feels exceptionally smooth and satisfying to type on this. Moreover, the sound produced when you press the keys feels like music that enhances your typing speed and flow.

Extra feedback from Varmilo mechanical keyboard trains your muscles and makes your memory sharp. The high-profile keys are easier to hit because they have a fast response. Varmilo mechanical keyboards come with TKL ten-key-less than traditional keyboards because the number pad is not present for better positioning of your mouse. This decreases the strain on your muscles and allows you to work for hours without getting tired.

Cheap keys are not long-lasting, and the alphabets printed on them fade with time. Varmilo mechanical keyboard keys are made with PBT plastic that is wear-and-tear resistant. The letters on the keys are made from different plastic, and they are directly moulded on keys. Therefore, they never fade.

Better Than Ever Varmilo EC Mechanical Switch V2

Mechanical switches are better than traditional rubber domes, but all mechanical switches are not the same. Varmilo Electrostatic Capacitive Mechanical Switches stand out from the rest of the mechanical switches. They perform better, last longer, and give better typing experience.

Types Of Varmilo EC Mechanical Switches

Varmilo EC mechanical switch V2 have four types:

Sakura EC Mechanical Switches

The most popular Sakura EC switches are linear switches that are lighter than cherry MX red and speed silver switches. They are perfect for users who have a high taste in typing and want to use them for office and daily use.

Ivy EC Switches

They are ideal for producing a clicky sound when process. Due to high tactile feedback, these switches are suitable for fast typing.

Daisy EC switches

They are the lightest switches designed by Varmilo. If you want to reduce input fatigue, then they are the best for you. They are ideal for students and the white collar who use keyboards for a long time without any break.

Rose EC switches

They are the heaviest switches than all the other types of EC mechanical switches. They have satisfactory feedback and better for those who don’t work on the keyboard for a long time.

Characteristic Of Mechanical Varmilo EC Mechanical Switches


The switches of other mechanical keyboards become cloggy and sticky because they have physical contact with dust, moisture, and heat. The situation gets worst when a liquid accidentally spills over them. This decreased the life span of the switches. On the other hand, Varmilo EC mechanical switches lack physical contact with the environmental factors that make them less susceptible to damage making them durable and long-lasting.

Fast Response While Typing

Traditional mechanical switches are fast, but they face with a dilemma that is an input lag because of noise created by the keys. This lag can also occur due to the electrostatic charge produced in the switches. Varmilo mechanical switches are electrostatic capacitive, and they perform faster due to the absence of input lag. Therefore, you can receive a fast response from Varmilo EC mechanical switches.

Best Typing Feels

Varmilo EC mechanical switches are smooth and reduce friction when the fingers touch the sturdy keys. The smoothness of keys gives a satisfying and fantastic typing experience. A scrappy noise is produced in traditional mechanical switches, but the high-quality parts in Varmilo EC mechanical switches tackle this problem.


Commonly, mechanical keyboard switches work perfectly for some years after you purchase them. They get loose and rusty when they are used frequently.  However, Varmilo EC mechanical switches provide a consistent, smooth typing feel experience throughout their life. The accurate feel remains constant with a fantastic response regardless of the angle at which you press the key.


The clicky sounds from traditional mechanical keyboards may feel like noise to some people. Varmilo mechanical EC switches produce crisp and clear sounds. The clean click is not annoying and provides satisfaction to the person using the keyboard.

Type Faster With Varmilo Sakura Keyboard

Varmilo Sakura Mechanical Keyboard is an ideal device for enhancing productivity and saving time by fast typing. This keyboard has a great appearance that enables smooth typing. Functional keys and number pad has been removed from Varmilo Sakura Keyboard to provide space for moving the mouse quickly.

You can now type faster than ever with Varmilo Sakura Keyboard, as its tactile switches and fast feedback push the keys up in no time and allow you to type without any delay. In addition to this, the clicky sounds produced from keys increase your focus on typing.

Hot Recommended Product | Varmilo Miya68-Pro Sakura Wired Mechanical Keyboard

Since we discussed almost everything about the Varmilo mechanical keyboard, it would be better to know about the top-recommended product from this category. According to us, Varmilo Miya68-Pro Sakura Wired Mechanical Keyboard is the best of all. Let’s get to know about the features of this wonderful device.

Highlighted Features

Elegant Design

Sakura refers to a blossoming tree in the Japanese language, and this keyboard has a twig printed on it. The soft bubblegum pink colour and the blooming tree twig twin make a perfect design for Varmilo Miya68-Pro Sakura Wired Mechanical Keyboard. The keyboard has 68 keys, and it is 34 cm long. All the standard keys are enclosed in a 3.4 cm high case and make this keyboard ideal for use. 

Cherry MX switches

Varmilo Miya68-Pro Sakura Wired Mechanical Keyboard has Cherry MX blue switches. These switches are best for typing and gaming. They provide a satisfying response every time you press the key. This keyboard is available with six kinds of switches that you can choose according to your preference.


The keycaps of the Varmilo Miya68-Pro Sakura Wired Mechanical Keyboard are made of PBT. It is a special plastic that makes it long-lasting. The keycaps of this device are durable, and the keys are coloured in pink and white. It gives a vibrant look, and the texture feels comfortable while typing.

Final Verdict

Mechanical keyboards are better than traditional keyboards because they enable fast typing and produce less noise. Varmilo Mechanical keyboards are exclusively designed for better typing during studies and work.

I hope you know everything about Varmilo Miya68-Pro Sakura Wired Mechanical Keyboard now. Their tactile switches and high-quality plastic keys reduce the time for push up and create fast feedback responses.

We recommend you to buy Varmilo Sakura Mechanical Keyboard enjoying a fast typing experience while studying or working. The product has an elegant appearance and provides smooth typing with a long-lasting life. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this fantastic device and enjoy a fast typing experience.