How Mechanical Keyboards Enhance Your Productivity?

Varmilo Sea Melody keyboard

Are you frustrated due to your keyboard’s slow response as it is affecting your productivity? If yes, then your bad days are gone because we’re here to tell you how a mechanical keyboard can be the best solution for you.

We understand that you have to spend a lot of time typing, coding, or documentation in your office. So, if you have to do all this work on a standard keyboard, then it will indeed compromise your performance. These keyboards haven’t given a smooth typing feel and produce unpleasant noise, which is enough to break the tempo of your work.

To avoid this situation, we will let you know about the best-selling mechanical keyboards that will make your work-life easy as well as productive. But first, let’s check out if mechanical keyboards are a good choice for you or not?

Are Mechanical Keyboards A Considerable Choice For Typing?

Once you start typing, you can tell the difference between a standard keyboard and a mechanical keyboard. It is because each key of the mechanical keyboard has its own switch mechanism, while traditional keyboards have rubber or silicone mat below the keys. So, let’s lookout for the reasons that make mechanical keyboards a more considerable choice:

Better Typing

If you get used to typing on mechanical keyboards, you will never think of any other one. Furthermore, individual switches that come with these exceptional keyboards allow you to press the keys quickly and smoothly. You can choose any keyboard switches that will suit your typing style.


To keep your mechanical keyboards new for a long time, you can easily remove the keycaps to clean your board. Also, its incredibly high number of keystrokes makes it durable to work for a longer duration. So, if you want to upgrade your typing experience, this board will stay with you for a long time. Ultimately, it means they will definitely last longer than a cheap membrane keyboard.


When it comes to mechanical keyboards, you can even customize them according to your preference. For example, you can remove the keycaps with the help of a keycap puller without any hassle. To lower the sound of your keyboard, you can even get O-rings and place them on switches. Not to forget, the backlit mechanical keyboards are also customizable.

Heart of Mechanical Keyboards | Key Switches

The first thing that defines a mechanical keyboard is its key switches. Certain types of switch controls can be used in these keyboards. One of the most popular is cherry switches that also come in different colours. Let’s check them out!

Cherry Green

Cherry Green switches are mainly used for space bars. They have an actuation force of 80cN. Also, it provides tactile feedback with a loud and clear click sound. Besides, these switches allow you to recognize actuation points to type at a fast speed.

Cherry Black

If we talk about the black switch, a linear switch doesn’t provide feedback when you hit the actuation point. In fact, it generates the sound only when the button of the keyboard is pushed back. In this way, you can avoid the accidental presses of the wrong keys.

The actuation force of these switches is 60cN. Surprisingly, this high force attracts the gamers to have this keyboard, especially RTS and shooter gamers.

Cherry Brown

This is one of the famous switch types of a mechanical keyboard. You know it gives tactile feedback but doesn’t produce any sound like a cherry green switch. That’s because it represents a great hybrid between typing and gaming. Not only that, it is ideal for MMOs, MOBAs, and other similar genres.

Cherry Red

It is similar to black switches as both are linear switches with no feedback. However, the difference lies in their actuation force. It requires only a 45cN actuation force that enables the gamers to hit the keys more often. It gives you the edge you need for ultra-quick input. This fantastic quality makes it a popular choice for doing fast-twitch actions during games.

What Is Varmilo EC Keyboard?

If you don’t know much about Varmilo keyboards, it’s a new keyboard from a Chinese manufacturer. This brand has been building up an enviable reputation within a short time. Many keyboard enthusiasts have shown their interest in Varmilo keyboards due to their features and high performance.

At the same time, Varmilo EC keyboards are so stylish and dependable that can appeal to anyone. Moreover, it comes with the excellent build quality and a beautiful design. Not to forget, they are ideal for typing and give a smooth response when you press the keys.

One of the innovative improvements in these keyboards is the electrostatic capacitive switches. Each EC Varmilo mechanical keyboard has these switches beneath its keycaps. They are used to register the key presses and measure the actuation of each key.

In General, the Varmilo EC switch gives a world-class experience to the user. They perform better, last longer, and feel comfortable than any typical switches of the keyboard.

Types Of Varmilo EC Switch V2

There are four types of Varmilo EC switches, and you can choose the one you feel better for doing your work. These switches are basically built for people who love to enjoy a wonderful keyboard experience. So now, let’s see what we have here:

Ivy EC Switch

The Ivy EC switch is different from other types of Varmilo switches. It produces a crisp sound when the keys are pressed. Its tactile force is 60 g, while actuation force is 50 g which is considered quite sturdy for a keyboard.

Daisy EC Switch

This particular EC switch is the lightest among the rest. It is softer than cherry MX red or speed silver. Due to its lightness, the user can avoid fatigue caused due to prolonged use of heavy switches. Its actuation force is 35g, while its terminal force is 45g. This daisy EC switch is excellent for professionals who work on computers for long hours.

Rose EC Switch

Unlike the daisy switch, this EC switch is heavy with an actuation force of 55g and a tactile force of 75g. Well, it’s heavier than cherry red but lighter than cherry black. Moreover, it provides comfortable and robust feedback. Certainly, it’s perfect for people who desire for strong feedback.

Sakura EC Switch

Sakura switch is a linear switch that many people love. The actuation force of the Sakura switch is 45g, and the terminal force is 55g. Being a light switch, it is perfect for users who have a high taste in typing. In addition, it will be worth upgrading for office workers and daily users.

Comparison Between Varmilo & Other Mechanical Keyboard Switches


The lifespan of Varmilo EC switches is longer than other mechanical keyboards. It’s because their keys don’t remain smooth with time. In addition, particles lodged in these keyboards can affect the lifespan of the switch.

On the other hand, the unique design and quality of Varmilo keyboards allow them to work for a long time. Even if you accidentally spill a drink on this keyboard, then it won’t get sticky. You just have to turn it around and let it dry.

Response time

If your mechanical keyboard is taking time to respond, it means the input lag of keys is disturbed. Most likely, it is caused by noise that arises due to the accidental registering of keys. To avoid this problem, you have to scan many times so that the signals can differentiate between the inputs and noise. These limitations ultimately reduce the speed of the keyboard.

In comparison, Varmilo EC switches have great speed, although the response time varies according to a specific type of switch. Generally, it takes less than 5ms to actuate a key. This impressive feature is only achieved due to the exceptional design of the Varmilo EC switch.


You can measure the smoothness of the keys if your fingers don’t feel any friction while typing. However, you may feel the keys are not smooth enough after one year of use when you type on standard mechanical keyboards. While being a job holder, you need a keyboard that gives the best typing feel, and it can be done only with a linear switch. So, we can’t deny that Varmilo linear switches are far better than mechanical switches in terms of smoothness.


Varmilo switches produce a clear sound that feels nice to hear. These switches offer mid to high-pitched sound that perfectly matches its push feel.

Significant Aspects Of Mechanical Keyboards

There are many other aspects in Mechanical keyboard, especially in terms of  Varmillo keyboards, other than high-quality switches. Some of them are given below:


Varmilo has done an unparalleled job in its keyboard designs. Each keyboard has 108 keys and comes with an ANSI layout. For instance, if you choose the moonlight theme of Varmilo, then the frame will be in black, and the keys will be dark and light grey.

It has many exquisite themes designs like sea melody, pink Sakura, or white moonlight. Its classic design is best for people who want a simple yet attractive keyboard.


Mechanical keyboards provide sturdy balance and a comfortable typing experience. If you go for the Varmilo keyboards, you can quickly write thousands of words without disturbing the flow. In addition, you don’t need to exert too much effort while pressing keys on this keyboard.

Detachable Cable

These unique and valuable keyboards come with a cable that can be easily attached to the computer. The cable is coated with rubber material and has a micro-USB for connection. The interesting fact is that you can easily detach the cable when you want to connect the keyboard with an iPad or any other device.

Smooth & Light

A keyboard doesn’t have to look boring to work in the office. However, we know that typical keyboards are heavy due to the hardware of the system. Although, Varmilo offers the best as its keyboards felt smooth and light while typing. It’s all because of the material they used in the manufacturing of these keyboards.

Best Trading Themes Of Varmilo Keyboards

Now how can we forget about the hot-selling theme of our Varmilo keyboards? So let’s introduce you to each one of them:

Sea Melody

This Varmilo sea melody keyboard is designed in a light blue frame and white keys. Just one glance at this keyboard theme is enough to give a soothing effect on the user. It is a full-size keyboard with 108 keys on it. Besides, it has an ANSI layout and consists of navigation keys, Numpad, function key, and few others. Therefore, it is ideal for people who do a lot of calculations.


Varmilo MoonNight keyboard

Moonlight Varmilo keyboards come in a mixture of light and dark grey shades. It gives a classic yet enticing look to your computer. If we talk about layouts, then it comes in ANSI and ISO. That means the number of keys will be 87 and 88. Both types of structures have a slight difference in their enter and shift buttons.

Beijing Opera

Varmilo Beijing Opera keyboard

Varmilo MA87 Beijing opera is well known among keyboard enthusiasts. It comes in an enticing mixture of colours like white, red, and black. Beijing opera keyboard has a 1.3mm PBT with a white backlit. The number of keys is 87, so the layout will be ANSI. Due to the lightweight and portable form factor, many programmers consider it to be the best choice.


Varmilo Sakura keyboard

Sakura keyboard has a delicate colour of pink. However, its keys have a mix of white and pink colour. When it is attached to your computer, it gives a soft and neat look to your system. It has 87 keys and comes in an ANSI layout. Moreover, it saves space by removing the ten-key Numpad cluster. Most gamers and programmers are in love with this keyboard theme.


To sum it up, a mechanical keyboard enhances your productivity in comparison to a standard keyboard. However, if you want to level up your work progress, then Varmilo mechanical keyboards are more appealing regarding typing, switches, and consistency. In addition, it offers several types of controls that can make your typing smooth and fast.

We have compared the keyboard switches that will help you choose your desired keyboard for your convenience. Other than good quality, Varmilo doesn’t lack in design, performance, and smoothness. Not to forget, the exclusive themes of Varmilo mechanical keyboards have outperformed any other counterparts.

So, don’t waste any more time and buy these exceptional Varmilo mechanical keyboards now!