The best keyboard for couples—Varmilo Lovebirds themed keyboard

Varmilo Lovebirds keyboards

What does “Yuanyang”symbolize?

Mandarin duck is called Yuanyang in Chinese, often represents love in Chinese culture. In folklore, Yuanyang ,where “yuan” stands for the male and ”yang” stands for the female, is a symbol of loyalty and pure love. Yuan and yang are always in pairs when people see them. They are just like a loving couple, sticking together all the time.

The design inspiration of the Varmilo Lovebirds themed keyboard just originates from this. The two keyboards of  “You”  and “I” form a pair of “Yuanyang.”

The color scheme of ”You” keyboard is inspired by “cloisonné”, reflecting the dark red of the bird’s beak and the orange-yellow of the soles, collocating with the yellow and red keycaps, giving a perception that is outstanding but unobtrusive; “I” has pure white as the background, decorated with blue, presenting an image of a quiet and gentle girl vividly.

The shell of the Varmilo lovebirds themed keyboard adopts the UV printing process for both front and back, and the colors are gorgeous. The six-sided wood-grained texture border, when touched, representing a texture similar to “relief sculpture.” Dye sublimation technology makes the pattern of the keycaps colorful. The design of the letters is light and elegant, and the character background is like a garden window, through which a boy or girl is shyly looking out.

Exquisite appearance

Both keyboards have a half-disc-shaped blue and white pattern on the back, where the “You” keyboard is printed with “zhu lian” and the “I” keyboard is printed with “bi he”, and together, they are “zhu lian bi he”, which means “a perfect match” in Chinese. It is also a bonus for couples who have bought two keyboards together. This meticulously designed and meaningful keyboard is a perfect gift for your girl.

What kind of switch is most suitable for your girlfriend?

In terms of switch, the Varmilo Lovebirds series mainly provides four types of Cherry MX switches and four types of Varmilo electrostatic capacitive mechanical switches V2. The choice of suitable switch depends on how well you understand her.

The blue switch is clicky and bumpy; the brown switch is similar with it while with less tactile feedback; the red switch is linear with moderate resistance; the silent red switch has the characteristics of red switch and produces less noise than the other switches.

Benefiting from its non-contact design without silicone bowl or conical spring, the Varmilo EC switch V2 can have less wear and tear and longer life when compared with traditional mechanical switches. If your girlfriend needs to type for a long time, then the Varmilo Daisy EC switch V2 which is smooth with light resistance will be a very suitable choice.

More Varmilo themed mechanical keyboards for couples

Besides the Varmilo lovebirds series that come in pairs, Varmilo’s rich keyboard themes also allow you to choose your own “couple keyboard” collocation. The “Sakura” themed keyboard which is loved by many girls, matched with the blue “Sea Melody”, is just the perfect combination and is also full of Varmilo’s romanticism.

Hopefully, Varmilo themed mechanical keyboards can help you win her love on the romantic Valentine’s Day.