Why should writer use mechanical keyboard

Writing is monotonous. Writers often need to take a few days or even months to think over and sorting out their thoughts while sitting in front of computer. It is a very important thing for a writer to catch the fleeting inspiration in the process of creation. Therefore, every writer should carefully choose his/her writing tools.

For writers, a good keyboard should be a partner that would not interrupt their thoughts, and can help them write smoothly. Handy writing tools can also help writers be right back in working condition faster.

Mechanical keyboard or membrane keyboard, which is more suitable for writers?

Compared with pursuing membrane keyboards that with extreme lightness and thinness but sacrifice feels, mechanical keyboards which can provide smooth knocking and crisp sound will be the first choice for many writers. Choosing switches with light resistance can also reduce the pressure on a writer’s hands when typing intensively, thereby increasing work efficiency.

What kind of switch is more suitable for intensive typing?

Independently developed by Varmilo, EC V2 Daisy switch is a relatively light EC linear switch. It works by measuring the change of capacitance after pressing and be used in conjunction with master control PCB to achieve the triggered effect. When compared with traditional mechanical keyboards which judge key-pressing status by contact and disconnection of metal contacts, the trigger speed of Varmilo EC switches V2 is faster than traditional mechanical keyboards. The design of that non-physical contact can achieve knocking can also make its life much longer than that of ordinary mechanical switches.

The Varmilo Daisy EC switch V2 is quieter and its inherent N-key Rollover feature can reduce interruption brought by the device in the course of typing. Its 35 grams actuation force can make typing easier and smoother. And such smooth and light actuation can also effectively prevent the potential troubles of tenosynovitis; a long period of time typing won’t cause muscle fatigue. All these characteristics can provide significant help for writers.

How should you choose the size of keyboard?

Varmilo keyboards are provided in a variety of layouts, offering a wealth of choices for different application scenarios. For writers who often go outside for on-the-spot material collection and have the need of mobile office, the portable 68-key small keyboard will be a good companion during the journey. If the desktop is always stacked with various books and materials and cannot accommodate a full-size 108-key keyboard, the 87-key keyboard will a good choice. Together with an optional 21-key independent numeric keypad that can be put away when not needed, complete functions are ensured while saving desktop space.

What kind of keyboard appearance is more conducive for writers ?

65% Size Keyboard
TKL keyboard
Full size keyboard

Besides the switch and layout, appearance is also an indispensable factor when it comes to purchasing a mechanical keyboard. Our Sea Melody themed mechanical keyboard which is equipped with Varmilo EC V2 Daisy switches, with its reserved blue color, when compared with other colors, can more effectively help to reduce tension and anxiety, relieve physical and mental stress and bring positive emotions to writers, creating a quiet space where they can focus on writing. It is the best partner when a writer is turning his/her inspiration into words.

In addition, Varmilo also provides a rich selection of keyboard themes, such as the calm and healthy “Forest” and the relaxing and cozy “Sakura”. The power of “color” can also create different atmospheres imperceptibly. Writers can also use this to create their own ideal writing environment.

Not just writers, the quiet and light Varmilo EC V2 Daisy switch is also suitable for all typists who need to work with keyboards for a long time. Reporters and editors deserve to have such a keyboard.