A Keyboard of National Treasure—Varmilo Panda Themed Keyboard

About China’s national treasure—panda

The panda that lives in mountainous regions of Sichuan, Shanxi, and Gansu, is unique species in China. As a national treasure, the panda is not only having very high status but also having tremendous popularity around the world. The naive look of it is particularly sought after, and its chubby figure is hard to be hated. As a diplomatic representative, it has been an ambassador of peace to go out from its hometown for many times. Pandas have done a valuable contribution to set up the friendship between Chinese people and people all over the world. Therefore, the term “panda diplomacy” has also come into being. Among the countries where giant pandas have been, it is the Japanese that have a deep love for pandas. The panda “Xiangxiang” that was born in Japan was asked to stay with great enthusiasm from Japanese people, and resulting in that the return date has been delayed many times. Varmilo design a keyboard with a pandas theme. Taking this as an opportunity, we hope that the panda-themed keyboard will carry the symbolic meaning of the panda and convey to the world the good wishes of peace, unity, and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

The cute and cuddly appearance

It is obvious that the most important of these is because that no one can reject the cute appearance of pandas. We cannot have a panda, but we can have a “panda” keyboard made from Varmilo. This also makes us full of passion in designing the keyboard, maximizing appears the image of the cute and naive characteristics of the panda.

Varmilo pandas-themed keyboard not only uses the black and white color of the panda itself but also incorporates the elements of the panda’s growth environment-bamboo forest. The green of the bamboo is dotted on the keyboard which is with the main color of black and white, which can make us imagine a picture of a panda eating bamboo. The panda theme makes the overall look and feel of the keyboard more vibrant. The specially designed “bamboo style font” uses bamboo as the element, together with the lovely key-caps of the expression of pandas, just like a few little pandas hiding in the bamboo forest and quietly observing the crowd. The cute and naive image of the pandas comes alive.

The panda-themed keyboard is also packing with a specially designed mouse pad and a panda doll. The customized mouse pad is a panda-themed ink painting, which not only fits the keyboard theme but also conveys Chinese culture. The cute version of the panda doll directly embodies the theme of the keyboard,  showing its cute and naive appearance. People who love cute pets and small animals will definitely like this Varmilo panda theme keyboard.

Gorgeous appearance with outstanding quality

The gorgeous appearance is naturally matched with a more outstanding interior. Varmilo Panda Themed Keyboard provides options of four types of Cherry MX switches (namely, brown switch, blue switch, red switch, and silent red switch) and three types of Varmilo EC V2 switches (namely, Rose switch, Sakura switch, and Daisy switch).  Benefiting from its non-contact design, the Varmilo EC V2 switches can have less wear and tear and longer life when compared with traditional Cherry switches. There are subtle differences between the characteristics and feel of different switches. The selection of switches can be selected according to personal habits or application scenarios. For example, for the jobs that require a long time to type, we would recommend Varmilo EC V2 Sakura switch with low actuation force and light feel.  Because its light and soft feel can improve the input efficiency while reducing the burden on your hands, helping you to better complete the work.

Our Varmilo Panda Themed Keyboards are provided in different layouts, which are all available on the official website of Varmilo. If you love cute pets, pandas, and Chinese culture, you can click the following link to search for the panda-themed series of products on the official website of Varmilo and purchase your favorite keyboard, https://v2.varmilo.com/panda