Varmilo’s Hua Culture Girls (Chinese Beauties) themed keyboards are designed based on traditional Chinese culture. As the Chinese-style designs have become a big hit recently, the series gains great popularity among keyboard users. To meet the continuously rising demands for Varmilo’s Chinese Beauties series, we bring new models and designs into this series. After Varmilo Koi and Varmilo Beijing Opera, we are now releasing the third edition of Varmilo’s Chinese Beauties series: Varmilo Lovebirds. Here they come!

Varmilo & Hua Culture Girls  

Varmilo Lovebirds themed keyboard is co-designed by Varmilo and the famous animator and illustrator Li Huan. Inspired by Li Huan’s Hua Culture Girls (Chinese Beauties) series illustrations, Varmilo cleverly emerges the artistic elements from the illustrations into the font designing and outer case decorating of the keyboard, creating a breath-taking product: Varmilo Lovebirds.

Lovers’ Choice

Varmilo Lovebirds series is offered in pairs, with a Chinese name Yuan (means male mandarin duck in Chinese) and Yang (means female mandarin duck in Chinese). Each of the Yuan and Yang keyboards has distinct features and presents as a well-matched pair when put together. It’s the first time Varmilo launched a lovers’ keyboard. It would be sweet to imagine two lovers sharing such a pair of wonderful keyboards to deepen their relationship bonds.


The color of the Yuan keyboard is inspired by a kind of famous Chinese mental enamelware called the Chinese Cloisonne. Chinese Cloisonne often uses blue as the base color, supplemented by yellow, red, or other colors added through embedding mental wires in the enamelware’s surface. With a stunning color from the Chinese Cloisonne, Yuan keyboards showcase a handsome look. Differently, the Yang keyboard chooses its color from the Chinese blue and white porcelain. Blue and white porcelains are often designed in the form of white bases embedded with blue flowers. When such a design is used on a keyboard, it symbolizes tenderness, classicism, and elegance, just like blue and white porcelain.

Apart from the keyboard’s color design, the Chinese Cloisonne and blue and white porcelain elements have also extended to the backside of the keyboard and the product’s packages. The Yuan and Yang nameplates on the keyboard’s back are designed in two colors: gold and silver. The ceramics images extended in the backside of the keyboards, and their packages are specially designed as a matched pair, which reflects the product themes of Chinese ceramics and lovers.

Font Designs

Distinctive font design is one of the major features of Varmilo keyboards. We name the font specially designed for Varmilo Lovebirds keyboards as “Garden Grille”. This font’s design is inspired by the garden grille’s structure in classical Chinese gardens. Garden grilles are often used as a barrier or screen for discreet observation of the garden’s scenery.

Ancient Works

Shi Jing is one of the earliest ancient Chinese poetry anthologies. In this anthology, there’re many classical poems about love. We extract lines about love romance from those poems and put them in the keyboard’s functional (F) keys area, using the Hua Kang’s Bronze Inscriptions fonts, simple but classic.

Element Designs

Image designs for Esc, Enter, Space bar, and other featured keys origin from artistic elements of Chinese Beauties series illustrations. To tell the differences between Yuan and Yang, we choose clouds elements for Yuan and water elements for Yang, conveying symbolic meanings of sky and sea, respectively.

Gift Package

Apart from the standard package, we are now releasing several specially designed gift packages for Varmilo Lovebirds themed keyboards. Each gift package comes with a switch pendant for free, which can be taken as a collection item or given as a gift to others.

Desk Mat

Varmilo Lovebirds keyboard comes with a free themed desk mat. The colors and designs of desk mats for Yuan and Yang are inspired by Chinese Cloisonne and blue and white porcelain respectively, telling the ancient Chinese love stories.