Top 10 Pink mechanical keyboard.

Pink mechanical keyboards are gaining a lot of popularity. They are bright, beautiful, and have a special appeal, especially when light shines through them. It is erroneous to think that the color pink is solely for girls. Gamers, professionals, and enthusiasts use pink mechanical keyboards for gaming and work.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 pink mechanical keyboards you can get. Let’s begin

1. Varmilo VA87M Sakura wired Mechanical Keyboard.

Varmilo VA87M Sakura wired Mechanical Keyboard .shop now

Varmilo Sakura pink keyboard is an excellent keyboard with the superior build quality and stellar performance. It is an 87% keyboard with a minimalist design and a beautiful pink theme. It is ergonomic, compact, and will sit well on your desk.

The build quality is imposing, and the keyboard is robust. Pressing it won’t flex or produce any creaking noise. Its large keys don’t make a rattling sound, thanks to the top-notch stabilizers used in them. The low profile makes it very easy for the hands and the wrists. It has rubber feet if you need to elevate the keyboard.

The keycaps are made with high-quality PBT plastic. They last much longer than ABS plastics and do not develop key shine. The legends are printed using a dye sublimation process to ensure they won’t fade. It has a full key rollover and anti-ghosting.

You get a ton of options with the switches on board. It comes with the Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, and the rare Speed Silver and Silent Red switches. All these switches perform excellently well for all purposes. This means you can get a keyboard that will perfectly suit your needs, be it gaming, typing, or programming.

The keyboard works well on Windows and MAC OS. The keyboard is not fully programmable, but it has media keys that are easy to reach. The Varmilo VA87M comes with a USB cable for connectivity. It is nice that it comes with a wire keycap and a full year of warranty.


  • Solid build with high-quality materials.
  • Multiple switch options with excellent typing feel.
  • Compact and ergonomic.
  • Great typing feels.


  • It has no backlighting(especially RGB).

2. Motospeed professional gaming keyboard.

Motospeed professional gaming keyboard

Motospeed is known for making excellent keyboards, and this one doesn’t fall short. It ditches the number pad, and what you have is a more compact and portable input device. Besides, having a smaller keyboard makes it easier to use the mouse. This pink tenkeyless keyboard has a simple finish and beautiful RGB rainbow lighting.

The Motospeed keyboard has five gaming modes, you get six colour options for the LED, and you can choose from 24 light effects. The rainbow lighting effects on this keyboard is eye-catching. It also comes with the much-loved full key rollover and anti-ghosting.

It is a plate mounted keyboard, and the plate is made with an aluminum alloy. It is sturdy, won’t wobble, and will sit well on a desk. The keycaps are made with ABS plastic. It has 12 multimedia keys, supports the lock ‘WIN’ function, and has a lock app key.

You get good typing feels on the keyboard. You can get this keyboard with either the Outemu blue or red switches. The blue switch produces a loud, but satisfying click sound is great for typing and can also be used for gaming.

If the noise would be a concern, you can opt for the quieter Outemu red switch. The red switch requires less force, and it is smoother; it Is also highly sought after by gamers. In addition to the great typing feels, Motospeed guarantees 50 million keypresses on their keyboard.  

It appears that larger keys have a noticeable rattling sound when you press down on them.

It is fully compatible with Windows, IBM, and MAC operating systems. You can get the Motospeed mechanical keyboard with wireless connectivity or go for the wired option.


  • Good build with a solid chassis.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Beautiful RGB lighting.
  • The proprietary switches do a good job.


  • Rattling sound on the large keys.

3. Basaltech Pink Mechanical keyboard Keyboard.

Basaltech Pink Mechanical keyboard Keyboard

This pink mechanical keyboard has a typewriter-like design and looks gorgeous. It is a full-sized keyboard, so data analysts, professionals, and programmers should be happy.

The Basaltech keyboard has a full key rollover, so don’t worry that your computer won’t register keys when you mash them together during those intense gaming sessions. You can access some multimedia shortcuts using the function row on the keyboard. It comes with a dial that lets you adjust the lighting on the keyboard. You can also customize the lighting options with the function key.

Its case is made with heavy-duty plastic, and the panel is made with quality metal. The keyboard is sturdy, and the weight here is just right. It has a matte finish and should do well to prevent scratches.

Going over to the switch on the keyboard, you can expect to find what the manufacturers describe as their blue mechanical switch. This switch is equivalent to the Cherry MX Blue switch. The switch has decent tactile and auditory feedback and offers medium resistance.  

Its lightness and tactility make it a good choice for gaming and good for working and typing. Another good thing about the Basaltech keyboard is that the switches are hot-swappable. You can change the blue switches to cherry Red, brown, and black switches if you desire.

The keyboard comes with a pink mouse to match. The mouse is capable of all your gaming needs which comes with 5 levels of DPI. It also comes with lighting, too, to add to the pleasing effect the keyboard has.


  • Hot-swappable keys.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Sturdy and robust.
  • Good typing feels.


  • The keys are louder than usual, and the keyboard is sometimes squeaky.
  • Large size may be too bulky for some.

4. MageGee pink mechanical keyboard.

MageGee pink mechanical keyboard

The MageGee pink keyboard is a full-sized keyboard that offers great performance at a friendly price. The larger footprint will take up more space on your desk. This lovely keyboard comes in a nice shade of light pink.

It comes with an additional set of white keycaps and a panel for extra styling and customization. The panel is removable in case you want a more minimalist look on the keyboard. As expect on a gaming keyboard, you have a full key rollover. It also comes with multimedia keys for easy access to your media content.

Its waterproof design should give you some peace of mind from splashes and damages.  It has white backlighting, and you can set it to any of the four brightness levels and the 24 backlit modes.

It features a clicky blue switch, just like the cherry Blue, it is great for typing, and gamers who love click will enjoy the keyboard. The keys are great, and they have a solid feel to them.

The keyboard is crafted with good materials despite the price. It is sturdy, and it has The keycaps are made with the double shot injection moulding process.

It is fully compatible with Windows computers, but it has limited compatibility with MAC operating system. A high-speed USB cable with connecting accompanies the keyboard to give you reliable performance at all times.


  • Good clicky switch.
  • It is well priced.
  • Comes with extra keycaps for customization
  • Backlighting.


  • It is rattling large keys.

5. SADES pink mechanical keyboard.

SADES pink mechanical keyboard

The Sades mechanical keyboard performs well and has a good build. This full-keyboard will get you through work or gaming without breaking a sweat.

The keyboard comes with double-shot moulded ABS keycaps. These keycaps feel better and are more durable than average ABS keycaps, so they should last you a good deal of time before you need to change them. The keys here are rated to last about 50 million keypresses.

When it comes to lighting, you won’t get dazzling rainbow effects or multiple lighting effects on this keyboard. It is backlit by white LEDs, and the keycaps do a great job of showing its beauty.

The Sades keyboard comes with blue or red switches. The blue switch gives tactile feedback along with the click. The switches perform well, but we found the blue switch to be quite loud, even louder than regular cherry blue switches. You should consider this if you want to go for this model. If you work from home and don’t mind the noise, you are good to go.

The keyboard has an ergonomic design that will minimize stress and hand fatigue, even long hours of use. It would have been perfect if the keyboard came with a wrist rest. It weighs well, given the larger size and more parts. It also has non slip pads to keep it firm on any surface.

Installation and set up is easy with this keyboard. It uses a USB cord, and you don’t need any drive to set it up. You will have no problems using it on windows computers or your MacBook.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Excellent typing feels.
  • Good switch with superb lifespan.


  •  It is louder than average.
  • No wrist rest.

6. Razer Huntsman gaming mechanical keyboard.

Razer Huntsman gaming mechanical keyboard

Razer gaming comes in a quartz pink color, and it has a nice and simple design. It is pricier than many keyboards in this review, but it offers great value for money.

All the keys are fully programmable, and the keyboard lets you fully customize the LED colour underneath each key. It is capable of producing over 16 million colours. You can also choose from several lighting modes. All these can be done using their app that you can download from their website.

This full-sized pink mechanical keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist stand, which might be a deal-breaker for some. Fortunately, it has three different height settings to change the angle and make it easier to use.

The Razer Huntsman doesn’t use traditional mechanical switches like many others in our review. This pink keyboard comes with Razer’s Optomechanical switch, which uses light-based actuation. The typing feels here are solid and reliable. It has clear-cut advantages over regular switches, such as the super-fast response time and shorter actuation distance. This is makes it superb for fast-paced gaming.

The switches on the keyboard actuate and reset at the same point. The lifespan of the switch here is very impressive. It can withstand over 100 million keypresses. This is near twice the lifespan of most of its competition.

The kind of switch fitted here is a clicky switch. As expected, it is responsive and has a premium feel. It is perfect for typing and gaming, but the keyboard’s sound can interfere with gaming, especially if your microphone is very sensitive. There are no other options for the switch.


  • Super fast and ultra-durable switches.
  • Fully programmable.
  • Beautiful RGB lighting.
  • Excellent build.


  • Loud.
  • It is not very convenient to use without a wrist stand.

7. Asus Strix Flare PNK keyboard.

Asus Strix Flare PNK keyboard

The Asus ROG Strix PNK keyboard comes in a pink and grey finish. This premium keyboard comes with great features but at a steep price. Nonetheless, it is a top-notch gaming keyboard.

It comes with dedicated media keys to instantly access and control media content. The dedicated volume wheel is handy while gaming. Although it is a full keyboard, it comes with a much-needed detachable wrist rest for comfort. Using both will take a huge chunk of your workspace.

It sports RBG lighting, and you can customize the lighting under each key with the Aura sync to suit your taste. There is an acrylic badge that you can design to have your logo. You can then put this badge into the keyboard, and it lights it up with the aura. It is a nice way to customize your device.

The build quality on the Asus pink mechanical keyboard is excellent. It is made with top-quality plastic and doesn’t flex or creak when pressure is applied to it. It is sturdy and has a premium feel.

It has fully programmable keys, with 100% anti-ghosting, and it has onboard memory for storing profiles. A USB pass-through has been generously added to connect your mouse and other accessories to it. The software on this model can be a little problematic for some users.

The choice of switches on the keyboard shows it was built specifically for gaming. You can get it with the much-loved Cherry MX Red and MX Silver switches. You can expect the feels to be smooth, light, and be very responsive. The keyboard is only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers.


  • High-quality with a premium feel.
  • Handy media control functions.
  • Comes with Cherry X Red and SIlver switches.
  • It comes with a wrist rest.


  • Steep price.
  • The software is not user-friendly.

8. EasySMX mechanical gaming keyboard.

EasySMX mechanical gaming keyboard

The Easysmx mechanical keyboard is a great addition that will do well for your gaming and professional needs. It is a small and compact tenkeyless keyboard, a more ergonomic form factor than its bigger counterparts. With this size, you can work longer hours without sacrificing comfort.

The keyboard has an aluminum alloy to hold the switches together and add to its structural integrity. The legends won’t fade, thanks, and the ABS keycaps have decent durability and to the double-shot moulding process used on it.

It comes with a gaming keyboard’s standard features such as a full key rollover, multimedia keys, and white LED backlighting.

The case of the keyboard is also made with ABS plastic. It would have been great if the keycaps were made with a more durable material such as PBT. It has a large grip pad underneath it to keep it well-placed on any surface.

The switch type here is a blue switch, which is modeled after the clicky Cherry MX Blue. It is safe to say that you will enjoy using the keyboard. It is loud, responsive, and good enough for all purposes.

The EasySMX can be connected with a USB cable or wireless with a computer. It is a useful feature for people who do not like messy wires on their desks. If you decide to go wireless, the keyboard uses a 2.4 GHz wireless transmission, and it comes with a large 1300 mAh battery. The keyboard can keep on going for 500 hours without backlighting, and it has a good range.

The keyboard works perfectly with windows computers of any brand and also with MAC OS.


  • Durable aluminum chassis.
  • Decent blue switch.
  • Wireless option.
  • Good battery life.


  • ABS keycaps are not the best.

9. EQEOVGA mechanical keyboard.

EQEOVGA mechanical keyboard

Here are a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse that you can get at a remarkable price. This device is perfect for those who don’t need the Numpad for work.

The keyboard has an ergonomic design with curved keycaps. This means you can work or play games for long hours with minimal hand fatigue. You should know that the keyboard features there are 19 lighting options for those who love a light show

The keyboard and mouse duo doesn’t need any driver to set it up. Just plug it into your computer, and you are good to go. The keyboard comes with a large 3000 mAh battery for wireless use. It uses a USB-C cable for charging and for a wired connection. The keyboard can be used for about 60 hours with backlighting and seven full days without it. The wireless mouse here has satisfactory performance though the battery life is not so great.

The keyboard comes with a traditional brown mechanical switch, and it does well for all purposes.

The keycaps here are made with ABS plastic. It is not the strongest or the most durable material, but it will get the job done. There is little to complain about this pink mechanical keyboard given its budget-friendly price.


  • Good typing feels with the brown switch.
  • Ergonomic design to minimize fatigue.
  • Backlighting.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • It has ABS keycaps.

10. Z-88 60% mechanical keyboard.

Z-88 60% mechanical keyboard

The Z-88 keyboard is perfect for those who need a smaller keyboard with great performance. The 60% lose the number pad and the function keys. It has a subtle pink finish with white keycaps.

The keyboard is made with good-quality material. It doesn’t flex easily, and it is robust, thanks to the metal plate inside. The case is made with matte textured ABS plastic. The keycaps are made with double-shot ABS plastics. They are good but having PBT keycaps would have been a more durable option. It has RGB lighting, and you can choose from 10 modes.

The angle of the keyboard and the slightly curved keycap profile makes typing easy on the wrist. The smaller size also means hand movements will be limited, and the mouse will be easier to use.

Like all good mechanical keyboards, it has a full key rollover. However, you can’t reprogram keys on the keyboard. It has handy shortcuts for accessing emails, opening the web browser, and other things.

The z-88 gives you the luxury of picking between three Outemu mechanical switches to suit your career and lifestyle. The blue clicky switch here is good. It is a little quieter than regular blue switches, but it still offers great feels. The red switch here is smooth and good too. The brown switch is louder and more tactile than the red switch and is a good middle ground for people who love to type and game.

A great feature of this pink mechanical keyboard is its hot-swappable key switches.  If you want a different feel from what comes in the box, you can get a set of switches you like and easily pop them in. The keyboard comes with 5 extra switches and a switch puller.


  • You can choose between 3 switches with good feels.
  • Hot-swappable keys switches.
  • Super Compact, portable, and sturdily built.


  • It is made with ABS keycaps.


Before you buy a keyboard, you need to know what you are getting into. That is why it is great to have a list such as this when there countless options.

Aside from pink mechanical keyboards, a few manufacturers make incredible mechanical keyboards that will take your breath away. One of these reputable brands is Varmilo.

Varmilo is a peripherals company that makes mechanical keyboards. Their keyboards are made with the best of material and guaranty quality and long-lasting performance.

They include cherry switches in some of their keyboards, but their Electrostatic Capacitance (EC) switches are remarkable. The switches are faster, and they outlast the competition. Give them a try today.

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