Beginners Guide: How to Choose a Gaming Keyboard

There’s been an increasing acceptance of gaming in recent times. Gaming has stopped being the cliche thing meant for kids, lots of grown-ups are actively involved with games.

Lots of mods and features have been added to games to give realistic and thrilling experiences. In the same vein, there has been a tremendous shift in the market for gadgets. Lots of gaming gadgets are being produced every day for game players. Without a guide like this, you may be making poor decisions when you want to buy a gaming keyboard. In this post you’d find out all you need to know about buying gaming keyboards.

 Before we dig in deep into what to consider and choose when buying a gaming keyboard. You must understand that there are two kinds of keyboards; we have membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Membrane keyboards are relatively very cheap and basic, with little or no audio feedback anytime you strike the keys.

Mechanical keyboards are emote traditional, they have keys that have stems, housings and springs. This makes them more customizable compared to membrane keyboards. Even better, they give a clichy sound when you stroke them. Because they can be customized, you can always regulate how much sound you want from your mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are the best for gaming. A study accounts that it takes 40-50 million clicks for a mechanical keyboard to need replacement. If you spend on getting a more classic and durable one, you can expect to use it for a very long period

Factors to Consider before choosing a Gaming Keyboard

The first thing you must know is you’d always get a gaming keyboard for your budget. What’s more important is choosing the right keyboard based on functions, specifications, and of course your preference. Your preference is an important part of the jigsaw puzzle, you don’t want to buy something you wouldn’t love at the end of the day. So, what choice should you make before buying a gaming keyboard?

  1. What’s your Preference for Key Switches

The choice of key switches is simultaneous to the quality of the keyboard, and the feel when you use it to play games.  Choosing the right set of key switches is one of the most important decisions you must make before you buy a gaming keyboard. What options have you got for your key switches? There are three types of switches;

First, we have the Silicone Dome switches. They are the most common switches; it feels really silent when you use these keys, there’s no noise when you press the keys all the way down. Bottom line is there’s no audible response for your strikes. If you want sounds to have a better experience, you shouldn’t pick a silicone dome switch.

Second, we have the mechanical switches. These are the best switches you can have on a gaming keyboard. They have programmable keys and give audible feedback when you click them. It feels great to use a mechanical switch because of the stress relieving feel and clichy sound you get everytime you strike the keyboard.

The third option is the scissors keys. Unlike silicone Dome switches which are popular, this switch is uncommon. It usually comes with ultrabook computers. There’s a very small distance between keys, it’s so small that you can frequently press the wrong key or two keys at a time. Nonetheless, this is one of the keyboards that enhance your typing speed. You can type faster with a scissors key switch.

  1. How Durable is the Keyboard?

The durability of the keyboard is the most important consideration to make when purchasing a keyboard. You can expect to spend more to get the most durable keyboard, but that’s not always the case. When you think of durability, think the quality of materials used to make your gaming keyboard. Truth is, gaming keyboards would be receiving a lot of pressure while you work so their durability is non-negotiable.

What should you look out for in the build of your keyboard? Look out for metal back plates, plastic/metal housing to protect keyboard components, circuitry and support for switches amongst others. Usually PVC plastic is used for most keyboards, but if you have a higher budget purchase keyboards with PBT plastic.

PBT plastic is less common, but is the most quality plastic amongst others. Varmilo have the leading keycap sublimation technology and a strong design and sales team.  Varmilo keycap does a really nice PBT keycap, it is clean and crisp dye sub with a very thin font face. It almost looks lasered on, that’s how good it is.  In terms of texture, durability, feel, and overall performance, PBT keyboards are better than ABT keycaps. It is common to have keyboard keys begin to fade away after a while of using them. The most durable keyboards have keys that do not fade away. Usually their characters were applied through sublime prints; characters printed through sublime prints are the most durable. Print and laser burn methods of applying characters isn’t as effective as the sublime print method.

  1. Wired or Wireless

One of the first choices you must make is deciding to stick with a wired or wireless keyboard. What’s your preference? Wired keyboards come with USB connectors and Wireless keyboards don’t need chords. You’re either connecting a wireless keyboard with an RF connector or bluetooth.

Ref connectors usually use a frequency of 2.4GHz to connect and batteries as a source of power. Wired keyboards are cheaper compared to wireless keyboards, and you’d have to periodically spend on batteries to power them.

The ergonomics is an important decision that comes with choosing a wired or wireless keyboard. A wired keyboard may be less comfortable for you when you begin playing games. Ihe cable may be too short to allow you stay as distant as possible from your laptop/computer. Go for keypads that make game playing comfortable by elimination unnecessary buttons,  and placing keys in convenient locations.

  1. Do you want a Keyboard with Backlights?

Backlights have to be one of the most thrilling features a gaming keyboard can have. Choosing from single colors, multiple-color keyboard lights, and set of colors RGB (1.8 billion colors). Backlights with a lot of customization is not like anything you have seen. The best description is your keyboard looking as glorified as a rainbow. RGB keyboards come with keys to control the speed of light and the pattern. You can achieve so many colorful effects and patterns with these keyboards. Even better, you get to play in a dark room, and still punch your keypads like it’s daylight. Imagine the feel, and aesthetics.

  1. How much Customization does your keyboard afford you?

Some keyboards afford you no privilege of changing a thing or two to fit your needs. Mechanical keyboards like with mechanical switches are highly programmable. It allows you to change a number of things to achieve a desired effect. You can change the programing of keys, function of any key, and achieve a sequence of keystrokes you desire.

There’s a lot you can do with keyboards that are programmable. Some of them have blank keys to allow you alternate functions as you please. Even better, you can pattern your back lights as you desire. Although, to achieve  this you must be using a keyboard with programmable backlight.

Add to your choice of a wireless or wired keyboard consideration for the size and ergonomics of your keyboard. How big a keyboard makes gaming uncomfortable for you? Usually, a full size keyboard has 104/105 keys while the less bigger ones forgo the number keys or other keys. You can decide to go with a more customized keyboard that forgoes certain keys to get the best of experience

  1. Price to Quality Ratio

The price to Quality Ratio is one of the most important financial decisions to make when purchasing a gaming keyboard. Judge the quality relative to the price, and other considerations outlined in this resource to make the best choices. With a budget as low as $50 you can get a keyboard, and with as much $200 you can get a keyboard that has your preference and features.

The N-Key Rollover (NKRO) refers to the ability to push any number of keys synchronously and to have all of them recorded precisely and in the correct order. NKRO is possible with mechanical keyboards since each keypress is scanned autonomously of how many other keys are held or pressed down.

Most membrane keyboards can only deliver up to a limit of around 6 key rollovers; 6 KRO means that the keyboard can accommodate up to 6 key pressed simultaneously. You don’t need an N-key rollover when performing tasks such as texting, because you usually click one key after another. But for gaming, NKRO is effective because, depending on the game, you can need to press and release those keys simultaneously while keeping others down. For example, when you do boss attacks or combos in fast-paced action games.

Are Varmilo Keyboards good for Gaming?

Varmilo Keyboards are one of the most customized gaming  keyboards out there. It feels like the manufacturer plays games too, every detail is carefully crafted to amplify gaming experience. Even better, the manufacturer is a one stop shop for all mechanical keyboards service you need. This means you wouldn’t have a problem finding parts, or getting customizations for keyboards you purchase from Varmilo. Even better, they have customizations for non-Varmilo keyboard users. Irrespective of your  budget you can find something fantastic in Varmilo’s store. The manufacturer seems to want to give the best at whatever price they rank their mechanical  keyboards.

Durability is essential for gaming keyboards. Varmilo builds their keyboard with quality and style in mind. The best of materials are invested into every keyboard and affordability is achieved at the same time. If you’re a fan of customization, there’s a lot you can achieve with Varmilo Keyboards. Ranging from keypads to backlights, macro shortcut, sound, and color effect, everything is sleek and quality.

The keyboard also offers traditional comfort features such as flexible, durable legs. They maintain ergonomic and safe placement with their rubberized frame. In particular, enthusiasts enjoy the extra lubrication of the stabilizers, which gives a characteristically fluid switching feel. The interchangeable mini-USB cable with a length of 1.5 metres, makes long-lasting use without the need for a cable split. The PBT keycaps often underscore the reference of longevity. This material is especially robust and resistant to abrasion. A special foam pad is embedded under the circuit board to dampen the main strokes, resulting in a soft typing sensation.

Which Varmilo Gaming Keyboard would you Recommend?

Varmilo’s VA87M Koi is one I’d recommend for all game players. Haven, used it personally, I can vouch of it’s compatibility with every gamers needs. First it has just 86 keys, and a very colorful keypad. The style, and aesthetics of this Keyboard is second to none and its characters feature the sublime print. Recall I said the sublime print is the most durable characterization any keyboard can have. The keyboard has adjustable feet, and it’s relatively light-weight (about 2kg including the package). This Keyboard is made with one of the best materials (PBT), you need to take a look at the back-plate, it’s wonderfully crafted to protect the components of the keyboard.


Choosing the right gaming keyboard is more important than your budget. You can always get something that works well for you (especially from Varmilo) irrespective of your budget. This is the point where I also correct the notion that a more expensive keyboard means more quality of better performance. The essence of writing this article is to help you knock out the mindset that a more expensive gaming keyboard means more quality. Nevertheless, increasing your budget can help you get keyboards with choice features made from the best materials available.

Now, the ball is in your court and you call the shots. Putting in mind the considerations we discussed in this resource, we’re confident you can make appropriate choices. All of these considerations must come before your budget. This way you can always take your eyes of the cost to get what’s durable, and affords you lots of flexibility. Don’t also forget that when in doubt as to what keyboard to buy, you can confidently risk buying a Varmilo keyboard.